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Cambridge Now! Testimonials


  • Sarmazian Brothers Ltd.,

 “Now Media! has really helped increase our search rankings in Google and I frequently see web traffic from the various portals (, and clicking into our corporate website—Raffi Sarmazian, Sarmazian Ltd.”

  •  Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
“Okay, so I am a believer. When did you put Mother's Day up?  We just sold out  all three seatings AND the afternoon tea - something we have never done in 7 years. -- Doug Wilson, General Manager, Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory”

Registered Users of the Sites
  •   Besner, Roxanne
I have had nothing but great reviews from your website. Keep it up!
  •   Bradbury, Dean
This is a very good and interesting site. I am glad to have come across it. Helpful and informative.


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