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Business Directory
About the Business Directory
About The Business Directory

Cambridge Now's Business Directory is the premier online directory of businesses and organizations for the Cambridge area.

    » Local Businesses Only
Generally, only businesses that are located in the Cambridge area can be listed in the Directory.
    » Current
The Business Directory is a real-time resource providing new information daily. Anyone can submit updates to the Directory for our review.
    » Comprehensive
As a community service, we provide local businesses and organizations basic directory listings without charge. Current business hours, addresses with maps, phone numbers, and the opportunity for visitors to conveniently email the company are available to all local businesses.

The "i" beside a business name denotes "More Information". For a minimal fee, businesses can include their logo, a Website link, and a comprehensive description of their business. With Business Publishing Accounts, local businesses and organizations can self-publish their news and announcements, events, job openings, blogs, coupons and promotions, real estate listings and other information. All will display on your Directory Page. It becomes your mini-website!

    » The Best Guides
The Best Guides: Cambridge Now!'s guides, such as the Restaurant Guide, present even more detailed information and services. Find exactly what you're looking for - a restaurant with outdoor seating or that one that takes reservations.
Getting the Most from Cambridge Now! Business Directory

Cambridge Now! offers a variety of convenient ways to research and contact area businesses, merchants, and organizations.

    » Browse by Type of Business
Select a channel and browse its categories to quickly view all the area businesses for your specific interest.
    » My Favorites
Members can put their favorite Business Directory pages on their 'My CambridgeNow' for quick browsing. Click on the Add To 'My Favorites' to select your favorite businesses and organizations along with channels and business directory categories.
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Interested in Advertising?

Are you taking advantage of the area's most useful online business resource? Your advertising is what provides this great service to the community!

    » Business Directory Channel Sponsorship
Gain the recognition and visibility that comes with providing such a valuable and useful service to our local area.
    » Reach a Broad Cross-Section of Area Residents
The Business Directory is a resource used by all ages and demographics throughout our community.
    » Reach Those Visiting Or Moving To Our Area
Cambridge Now!'s Business Directory is a valuable tool for finding products and services by those visiting or moving to our community. Introduce your business to these people in their hotel rooms or before they even arrive!
    » Target Ads To Specific Categories
Reach people who have specific buying interests. Advertise only to those expressing an interest in your types of products or services. Both banner and text ads are available.
For more eMarketing information, please view our Media Kit.

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