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About Networking
About Networking
Networking Overview

Networking on CambridgeNow can connect you virtually with your neighbours and friends in Cambridge Ontario and area. Create 'buddy lists' and exchange messages. Create or join a Group. You can create your own personal or family 'profile' (webpages). You can make your pages available to the public and meet new people. Or password protect your pages to only allow viewing by friends and family.

Getting the Most from Cambridge Now! Networking

CambridgeNow provides many convenient ways to connect with others in the community.

    » Create 'Buddy Lists' OR  'Friend Lists'
The first step is for you and your friends and associates to become Members. Then join each other 'buddy lists'.
    » Exchange Messages with your 'Buddies' or 'Friends'
Spam has gotten so out of control and harmful that it's no wonder the young use IM and social messaging systems more than email. Now's your chance to see why. See how easy it is to send and receive messages with your 'buddies' or 'friends' and forget about those spam boxes!
    » Start Your Profile Page
Your profile page is your personal or family home page. Add a picture and big description of yourself or family. Make sure to update your Privacy Options to display only what you want to.
    » Add All Kinds of Information on your Profile Page
Publish your favorite links, bookmarks, or photo gallery. Create a Blog. Display your Resume and Classifieds. It's all possible using CambridgeNow's Networking!
    » Create or Join a Group
You can create a Networking Group and have others join your group. You can join as many Groups as you want to.
    » Find people with common interests
You can quickly find others of common interests using simple searches.
We Care About Your Online Privacy

At CambridgeNow, we respect and safeguard the information that our site users have entrusted to us. CambridgeNow will not provide specific personal user information to any third party for any purpose, either commercial or otherwise, unless required by law. Privacy issues are a paramount concern of ours.

    » Profile Page Privacy Controls
You can specify who can view your pages - the general public, buddies only, or password protect for only those that you provide login info to.

Specify what personal information is displayed on your Profile Page. Show any combination of phone, name, address or email.

    » Email Addresses Are Hidden From Spammers
CambridgeNow does not display email addresses on site pages. Spam spiders cannot mine your email boxes on this site.
    » Information Privacy
The personal information that we require for registration is the minimum necessary to verify that you live in our community (name, phone, address), your age (over/under age 13), and your email address so we can contact you if necessary.
CambridgeNow cares about your privacy. For more information please read our Privacy Policy and Site Terms of Use
Interested In Advertising?

Are you taking advantage of the area's leading online networking resource? Your advertising is what provides this great service to the community!

    » Networking Channel Sponsorship
Gain the recognition and visibility that comes with providing such a valuable and useful service to our local area.
    » Reach a Broad Cross-Section of Area Residents
The Cambridge Now! Networking are viewed by many people in and around the Kitchener-Waterloo area. All ages and demographics participate.
For more advertising information, please view our Media Kit.

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