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How can we promote our business or organization on the site without charge?
There are several ways Cambridge area businesses and organizations can promote themselves and provide information to area residents and visitors without charge on Cambridge Now!
    » A Basic Business Directory Listing
All Cambridge area businesses can receive a basic listing in the Business Directory that includes your name, address, phone number, email, and hours of operation. 
    » Post Jobs in the Jobs Market
All Cambridge area businesses and organizations can advertise current job openings in the Jobs Market.
    » Post News and Events
By submitting News, Announcements, Events and other information, Cambridge area businesses can keep the community informed.
Submit an Event
Submit a News Story, Press Release or Announcement
By upgrading to a Business Publishing Account, you can add, change, and delete your information without our involvement anytime.

Contact a Sales Representative for answers to your questions.

View our Media Kit for more information on the Business Directory, a Business Publishing Account, and other online advertising and marketing opportunities on


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