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The Adventures of Mack & Spencer
Cacophony of coyotes
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As the blog states these are the adventures of Mack & Spencer and I merely  tag along. The three of us usually try and stay out of trouble well at least I do but sometimes find ourselves in predicaments that can be heart pounding scary. I like to shake things up so we walk the various trails that we have around town (Preston) especially when I am working 10 hour days and walk in the dark morning and night. This past week we hit the river trail behind the arena's one evening. Its always a little more spooky walking in the dark because of the peculiar shadows and subtle noises that seem so much louder. But on this particular occasion those noises are what had all our hackles up on alert. It started out with the howling crescendo of one coyote across the river on the Blair Road side. The boy's didn't pay much attention and I had to hear it twice to understand exactly what it was. Within seconds of the first howler came another deep bay, following that was tiny little pup yelps then what seemed like the howling chorus joining in. They all had distinct sounds  it seemed like there was a whole pack of them at least 6 or more. At this point the dogs are stunned standing still looking across the river to see where all the cacophony is coming from. Another brave soul was out walking his lab and suggested I leash the dogs quickly as the coyote's will send their scent across to lure the dogs over. As I called Mack and Spencer they were more then happy to catch up and join us as they weren't to sure what was going on but they wanted no part of it. Since having this experience I have done a little research on coyotes on-line. Coyotes typically like to eat flesh but will eat anything else available to them as well. Their typical diet is rodents, rabbits, hares and blueberries in the summer. They will also eat carrion and deer or other large hoofed animals. They will eat sheep in winter months if they have access. For pet owners it is important to not let you animals loose from dusk to dawn as this is when they prey the most. Fences need to be at least 6 feet high and 2 feet under ground from preventing a coyote from entering your property. If you confront a coyote do not make eye contact walk away slowly and never run.
Posted on Sunday, Jan 17, 2010 - 02:38:00 PM EST
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Cacophony of coyotes
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