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Proud to be apart of the pet community!
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Must be a dog guardian to read this article or you just might not understand.

As all of us who are proud parents, guardians, caregivers to a canine know we are a passionate and tight knit community. We rally for the four legged beasts, we clean up after them and we love to talk about them!
 I almost feel naked when I am walking around without my canine pals. It's not as social walking without the dogs;  passer by's don't engage in conversation nor do they make eye contact. It is amazing what having a dog by your side can do to other people. Suddenly they are smiling, cooing or jabbering at your furry friend. If they too are apart of this well represented community and have their "best friend" along for the walk it becomes a short visit of sniffing rears. This meet and greet is so much smoother when the dogs themselves are able to meet on their on terms and not head on with a leash.

The Boy's and I hike out at the various trails around the Region, a lot of these areas belong to a conservation authority and require dogs to be leashed. I don't like to think of myself as a rule breaker but it is a much more enjoyable and pleasant walk to allow them to roam, sniff and greet fellow friends along the way and not to be pulled or forced to drag them along as they attempt to checkout the new scents laid. Its amazing that I have yet to come across another parent of a pet that isn't following suit allowing their dog to be a dog. The dogs meet and greet as the guardians ask questions of each other's furry friend. It is to bad that our world couldn't be a little more dog friendly, it would certainly make people a lot happier.

There have been many studies done to prove that people who have pets live longer and fuller lives. So if you read this and aren't a pet parent maybe you can volunteer at your local humane society or help out a relative with their pet when they are working long hours or travelling. You will find yourself hooked fast on the high from walking your four legged friend and making new friends along the way.
Posted on Saturday, Jan 09, 2010 - 05:45:00 PM EST
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Proud to be apart of the pet community!

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