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TJs Farm Local Fresh Vegetables And Produce
Welcome to TJsFarmFresh
TJ's Farm Fresh ( TJs )
      Farm Fresh Local Produce
    Address/Contact Info
3010 Kossuth Rd.
Cambridge,   ON   N3H 4R7

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  Phone:  (519) 574-5490  
  Fax: (519) 650-4344  
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Contact Us
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Welcome To TJ's Farm Fresh - We Grow It All Right Here

     Serving Fresh & Local
In 2019
The 2019 CROP is here and amazing! We are excited about the arrival of Fresh produce because in Ontario, it means fresh locally grown produce...and our customers tell us that TJ's does it better than most.
We want to cordially welcome both our regular customers and new comers to TJ's Farm Fresh for the 2019 season.
We have been blessed with a bountiful growing season. Come and acquire some of the area's best sweet corn, sweet onions, new potatoes, field tomatoes, Green Peppers, Hot peppers, yummy yellow and green beans, eggplant, fresh garlic and zucchini, squash, and fresh cut flowers, Glads, Sunflowers...And the best garlic anywhere!
Eight Sweet Corn Varieties To Choose From
There will be 8 delicious varieties of Sweet Corn to choose from over the summer and early fall...each one slightly different, each one deliciously good.
The onions and garlic are better than ever. We are looking forward to seeing all of our regular customers and a whole raft of new faces too.
The NEW Bridge across the Grand River on Fairway Road has brought a lot of new families and friends from East Kitchener and beyond. Welcome!
It's another great summer and fall of better tasting local food.
Stay tuned for updates on this year's crops...


Hello Friends

We are the Beirnes Family. We have been farming all of our lives; so did our parents, and so did their parents. The farm on Kossuth Road has been an active mixed farm for over a hundred years.

So it just stands to reason that WE as a farming family, know what grows well and tastes good in this part of the country. One thing is for sure, when food is picked daily, it simply tastes better than food that was transported across the province, continent or even further. And these days there's more to consider than just taste. Food that's picked up at the farm gate is also good for the environment too.

There are many reasons for buying your fresh produce from T.J.'s...But what our customers say is: "It Just Tastes Better!"

Why not discover the benefits of "Farm Fresh" with your family and friends.

Our Gourmet Sweet Corn

Bend an ear and we'll tell you why you should buy your sweet corn from us.

This year T.J.'s will feature 10 different varieties of gourmet sweet corn. Gourmet is more of an urban expression but it's another way of saying  "we really like it a lot ourselves" to a ruralite.

The corn you buy in the store doesn't change much. But there really are a lot of great tasting--different tasting--varieties of corn to enjoy. Each one has their unique sweetness and lip-smacking taste. Come back often this summer and try some out our varietal diversity in cornology. You'll be glad you did.

Our "Music Variety" Garlic Is Wonderful To Cook With

Some of our customers say that T.J.'s grows the best garlic around and that makes us proud. Our Music Variety Garlic is simply amazing! We know that it's good because we use it ourselves...and you'll have to try it to see why people keep coming back for it. Two years ago we sold 10,000 lbs and we ran out fast. Last year we grew 15,000 lbs and sold out. This year we are growing even more and the crop looks fantastic. Get yours soon before we sell out.

Garlic shouldn't be dry. It should be sticky when you slice it or crush it and ours certainly is that. Whether it's ceasar salad or stir-fry, Italian or greek or Indian having really fresh garlic makes all the difference in the world. If what you're making is special try our fail-proof bulbs of garlic by T.J.'s.

Our Onions: Yellow, White or RedALT=""

You can buy our onions by the bag or individually (bet you can't buy just one though...)

No matter which colour you prefer, T.J.'s onions are juicy. Imagine that. Once you've tried them you will definitely re-think onions, for more and more things that you prepare.

They are perfect for everything you're planning: fried onions, baked, french onion soup, or home made onion rings.

Tomatoes, Potatoes And Squash

Potatoes dug-up fresh, tomatoes picked fresh and squash of many  varieties all taste best when they are minutes from the field.

Tomatoes are happening now (August 1st). Potatoes are too,and they keep well if you store them properly. Our squash will be coming on strong in September.

Eat Well Locally

Try all of our other great crops too: Beans, Beets, Peppers,  Pumpkins, Flowers, and many varieities of Squash.

Come and taste the difference that T.J.'s Farm Fresh can make for your family at meal time.

It's Our Livelihood...It's Your Life.
Eat Better. Eat Fresh. Eat T.J.'s.


10am to 6pm daily mid July to October 31

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