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Civic Holiday One Of The Deadliest Weekends In Recent History OPP Report
OPP Investigate 16 Deaths, Most Preventable In One Of The Deadliest Civic Day Weekends.  Full Story
Manulife LPGA Classic Presents Record Breaking Cheque To St. Mary's Hospital Foundation
Manulife is a class act from the top down.  Full Story
Communitech And Partners Receive $9.7 Million In Federal Tech Growth Funding
High-growth firms the focus as feds give $9.7M boost to Waterloo Region.  Full Story
Goodyear Makes Definitive Statement On Thomas Mulcair's Cambridge Whistle Stop
Mulcair promises what NDP's do best - raise taxes--kill jobs.  Full Story
How Storytelling Defines Us And Shapes Our Experiences
Storytelling isn’t just a childhood pastime, it continues throughout adulthood as a means of defining ourselves, says Prof. Andrea Breen, Family Relations and Applied...  Full Story
Minister Goodyear Announces Significant $2.6 Million Investment in Cambridge Armoury
Minister Gary Goodyear Announces Cambridge Armoury To Receive $2.6 million Facelift.  Full Story
Cambridge Tour De Grand Brings Out 2300 Cyclists Of Every Ability
Tour de Grand gets bigger and better evry year.  Full Story
CMH Foundation Fundraiser Best Bites To Have WILD West Theme - Tickets On Sale NOW
Best Bites reveals its 2015 Cookin' and a Nibblin' Western theme. Get your tickets now.  Full Story

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