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CMH Declares Staff COVID-19 Outbreak On Medicine A Unit
'ALSO: Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s MED C COVID-19 outbreak declared over.'
By Cambridge Now Local News

CMH Declares Staff COVID-19 Outbreak On Medicine A Unit

Cambridge, ONTARIO - Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH), in consultation with Region of Waterloo Public Health, has declared an outbreak of COVID-19 on the Medicine A Unit (MED A) the evening of December 10. It is a staff-only outbreak affecting three staff who developed symptoms of COVID-19 over the past week. At the onset of the first two infected staff on December 5, the unit was immediately placed on a “watch status” and measures were put into place to minimize the spread of infection. A third case was identified late December 10 through contact tracing and testing. The hospital continues to monitor the situation with support from Public Health.

“Our priority is to contain the risk of infection spreading through the unit and to other areas of the hospital. The safety of our staff, physicians and patients is our primary concern,” says Kim Siegel, Director, Medical Programs.

The hospital has implemented the following safety and infection control protocols:

·         Enhanced surveillance and contact tracing to identify potential cases;

·         Ongoing frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces with a focus on staff-only rooms and areas where employees gather

·         Dedicating staff to the unit;

·         Continually reviewing our practices and implementing new measures as required and as part of our ongoing risk assessments.

·         Visitor restrictions to the unit


Should no one from the MED A unit become symptomatic for 14 days, the outbreak could be declared over by December 24.


Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s MED C COVID-19 outbreak declared over

Cambridge, Ontario – Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH), in consultation with the Region of Waterloo Public Health, has declared the COVID-19 outbreak on its Medicine C inpatient unit over. There have been no new cases of COVID-19 in the unit for 14 days. Over the course of the outbreak, 7 patients, 2 staff and one visitor fell ill to COVID-19.

The outbreak was originally declared on the MED B on November 13, 2020, closing all admissions to that unit. Staff working in MED B at the time of the outbreak were dedicated to the unit to minimize the potential spread of the disease throughout the hospital.

On December 2, MED B’s patients and staff safely swapped units with the smaller MED C in order to help improve patient flow within the hospital.

The visitor restrictions that were imposed on November 13 have been lifted for most of the hospital. Visits will resume Sunday, December 13. Care partners wanting to schedule an in-person visit, may do so by filling out an on-line form. The same conditions apply as before the outbreak –  visits will not be booked or get rescheduled if the patient is COVID positive or is in isolation due to COVID precautions. There are no restrictions for booking virtual visits. Learn about visiting a patient at CMH and accessing CMH’s on-line visitor request forms at the link below.

Note that visitor restrictions are in place for the Medicine A unit of the hospital. On December 10, a staff-only COVID-19 outbreak was declared on the unit. Enhanced safety and infection control protocols to contain the illness were proactively put into place earlier in the week when the potential for an outbreak was discovered. Should no other people become infected as a result of this outbreak, it could be declared over on December 24.  

More information will be shared as the situation develops.

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