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Cambridge Re-elects Bryan May And Marwan Tabbara For Another Term

Liberals Prepared For Tight Race In Cambridge

Published 10/22/2019 | By Cambridge Now Local News

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May And Tabbara Are Going Back To Ottawa
May And Tabbara Are Going Back To Ottawa

Liberals Were Prepared For A Tight Race In Cambridge

Nothing is ever for sure when it comes to elections. You can never be certain how people will behave when they get behind the corrugated shroud of the voting booth. But yesterday, October 21st, Cambridge came out to vote Choosing Forward for another four year term for both Bryan May and Marwan Tabbara who was representing the relatively new riding of Kitchener South-Hespeler.

While the Liberals were ready for a tough fight, they left nothing to chance. No door unknocked, no voice unheard, right down to the final hours and it paid off. Marwan Tabbara bested his PC opponent Alan Keeso by 3000 votes and Bryan May went to town on Sunny Atwal by a more than 5000 vote advantage.

Waterloo Region Still Red

Waterloo Region remains red at the moment, even though Liberal Tim Louis and PC veteran Harold Albrecht are locked in a very tight race which as of 7am Tuesday was too close to confirm the winner. As of 500 am 211 of 216 polls were reported and Tim Louis was ahead by 273 votes against four-term incumbent Albrecht.

Human Error, Missing Documents Delay Kitchener Conestoga Vote Count

Eelctions Canada says a deputy returning officer took paperwork home after ballots were counted. It is expected that in the next few days the returning officer will complete what's known as the validation of the vote and there should be more complete numbers then. In the mean time the outcome is up in the air.

Waterloo Liberal Bardish Chagger won her race by 13,000 votes, Kitchener Centre Raj Saini retired PC (when does life begin activist) Stephen Woodworth whom he also defeated in 2015. Woodworth came in third behind Green Party candidate Mike Morrice.

Fence Mending By Liberals Will Be Necessary

Liberals good fortune in the Region did not continue across the country though. Strong support for the Bloc Quebecois in Quebec and a blue wave in Saskatchewan and Alberta deprived Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of a majority government. Jagmeet Singh also suffered loses at the hand of the Bloc, losing nearly 20 seats from 2015 results.

However, Canadians have spoken.and there are fences to mend. It will be interesting to see how and if this minority government can work...and for how long.

The Two Independents...

Jody Wilson-Raybould returns to Ottawa to sit as the lone Independent but it was a nail-biter throughout the evening with Wilson-Raybould behind, then ahead but then eventually winning. However, former Liberal, Independent candidate Jane Philpott who held three high-profile cabinet positions who resigned over the SNC Lavalin issue and was booted out of the Liberal caucus was not so fortunate losing to a Liberal in her riding of Markham-Stouffville.

Ford Fear Factor

The 905 region can make or break a party. A survey was taken following yesterday's election to try to determine how much of an effect Doug Ford's premiership has had on voters in the area. 57% of voters said they didn't vote for Andrew Scheer for fear that he might have a different agenda after being elected.

Clearly introducing the Ford Factor into the campaign by the Liberals was a solid card to play against the Conservatives.

The fates of Jagmeet Singh and Andrew Scheer await the scrutiny from their respective parties.

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