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City of Cambridge to reopen some outdoor recreational amenities

Sports and recreational facilities, dog parks etc...

Published 05/20/2020 | By Cambridge Now Local News

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More Outdoor Facilities Re-opening
More Outdoor Facilities Re-opening

City of Cambridge to reopen some outdoor recreational amenities

Cambridge, Ontario - In alignment with recent provincial announcements relaxing restrictions in parks and trails, the City of Cambridge will reopen its skateparks, disc golf, basketball courts, and tennis courts over the next two weeks.

“I am sure that with the warmer weather, this will be welcome news for residents and families who have continued to be patient and understanding throughout the last few months,” said City of Cambridge Mayor Kathryn McGarry. “We have all been wanting to be more active outside and to enjoy the fresh air. That said, please be vigilant and mindful of physical distancing directives. We have collectively come so far and can’t go backwards now.”

While some City amenities can be reopened right away, seasonal maintenance is required on certain amenities, such as tennis courts and volleyball courts.

Provincial orders require that individuals using these amenities, except for members of the same household, are to maintain a physical distance of at least two metres or six feet. Public Health continues to encourage members of the public to follow good personal hygiene and regularly wash and/or sanitize their hands.

At this time, all playgrounds, park washrooms, outdoor gym equipment, splashpads, and pools remain closed.

The following outdoor recreation spaces are open, effective immediately:

Basketball Courts
Basketball courts are available for use immediately and staff will be removing closed signage this week. Physical distancing remains in effect. Please use basketball facilities for individual activity or with others from the same household.

Outdoor Furniture
Provincial orders are now lifted on outdoor furniture. Residents can once again use picnic tables, benches or shelters, in parks or recreational areas provided that users maintain a physical distance of at least two metres. Outdoor furniture is not sanitized and we remind residents to wash their hands after use.

Sports Fields
The emergency orders are now lifted for municipal sports fields, such as baseball diamonds and soccer fields. Under normal circumstances, these spaces are typically reserved for teams who have booked the spaces; however, with group sports paused for physical distancing, the City of Cambridge will waive booking requirements for non-fenced fields and allow public use. Fields with a surrounding fence will remain closed; all unfenced fields will be open for use. We ask that members of the public to continue to keep off closed fields as we complete maintenance to ensure they are ready for use when we are able to reopen. Please note that fields open for casual use are on a reduced maintenance schedule, and have longer turf than usual.

The City has announced the following timelines in re-opening the following facilities:

City staff will ensure that skate parks are open within the next two weeks to ensure proper inspection and maintenance are performed prior to re-opening. Skatepark equipment is not sanitized and we remind users to wash and clean their hands after use. Users are reminded of the importance of remaining physically distant during their use of the park.

Dog Parks
The leash-free dog park located at Maple Grove Rd will open tomorrow (May 21). Dog park gates and amenities are not sanitized, and we remind users to wash and clean their hands after use.

Riverside Bike Park
The Riverside Bike Park will remain closed until seasonal repairs and renovations are complete; an opening time will be announced at a later date.

Tennis, Pickleball & Volleyball Courts
City staff are working on the necessary seasonal maintenance and set up required to reopen tennis and outdoor pickleball courts across the City. In order to open tennis courts as quickly as possible, the city is prioritizing the various courts and staggering their opening. Signage will be posted to the courts as they re-open for public use. All courts are expected to be reopened within the next two weeks. Riverside Beach Volleyball will remain closed until further notice.

Last week, the City, and area municipalities, announced that residents can use municipal parks and open spaces for more than walk- though access.

This includes:

· Playing catch, throwing a Frisbee, kicking a ball, flying a kite with members of your household

· Park visitors can bring their chairs or blankets for sitting

· Individual activity including personal fitness exercises or yoga practice (not a group class)

To stay up to date on reopening details and current closures, check back here on CambridgeNow.

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