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Trump Claims Widespread Cheating And Mail-in Fraud - BUT It Ain't Over Till They're ALL Counted

'What ever happened to FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE?'

Published 11/04/2020 | By Cambridge Now News

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Trump is accusing key battleground states of cheating and voter fraud

The Morning After Is Revealing Mail-In and Absentee Voter Gains For Democrats

If you went to bed last night depressed because it looked as though President Donald Trump had once again scooped the White House, you're not alone.

Whether you're an American voter hoping for change or watching from Canada or the rest of the world, it seems as though Joe Biden is clawing his way back in key battleground states and could pose a big problem for the re-election fortunes of Donald Trump.

Trump held a middle-of-the-night press conference with supporters at the White House. (Only about two people were wearing masks.)

His scathing account of how the results were playing out was unbecoming for a commander-in-chief. Accusations of cheating and massive voter fraud -- at the highest levels-- were at the centre of his post election day performance.

Meanwhile, back in Michigan and other key states, Biden is mounting a comeback which could leave Donald Trump on the outside looking in.

It could be days until the final count is in but as of Wednesday morning this battle for the White House is far from decided.

Many Canadians are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that "It ain't over till it's over."

Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are looking encouraging for Biden however they are all still in play for either side.

Below is the news conference recorded well before the mail-in votes began coming in on Wednesday morning.

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